Nika has helped hundreds of individuals from all walks of life achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals. Her long list of success stories includes world-class athletes, popular celebrities and business professionals who call upon her to look, feel, and perform at their very best.


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Private Group Fitness Training (2-5 individuals)

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“A great personal trainer should be your role model. Someone who has already achieved what you would like to achieve in your training. Jolana Nika is exactly that.” Andreas Carlsson - Music Producer


“It’s hard to believe I’ve been training for over 20 years and never committed to a consistent stretching program. Jolana has made this aspect of training a pleasure and I look forward to our sessions for the positive results.” Robert Quigg - Developer


“Jolana Nika is a true inspiration and helps me find the extra strength within. There are so many PTs that only focus on body sculpting and the end result, but there is so much more to it! Jolana creates a relationship that makes the training part easy.” Fernanda Romero - Actress