Jolana Nika is no lazy bitch, and she won’t let you be either. She’s since worked with clients ranging from high school students to celebrities, and creates a personalized training plan full of love (and crunches!) for every single one.

Originally from Sweden, Jolana packed her bags in 2000, booked a one-way ticket to California, and never looked back. After years of working as an au pair, putting herself through school, and receiving degrees in both kinesiology and fashion merchandising, she turned her dream into reality and became a certified personal trainer. Basically, she knows what it means to #hustle. 

Jolana’s training style will get you in the best shape of your life, and she puts her own heartfelt wellness spin on traditional HIIT training and kickboxing. Cardio is balanced with crystals, kickboxing is complemented with long, healing stretches, and meditation is more than a trendy recommendation. She believes there’s no excuse to not be the very best version of yourself, and will stop at nothing to get you there.